Very sad day for us all yesterday – we had to have Bertha (Twister) put to sleep.   I went to see her this morning to give her a sausage before her dinner like she had every morning.   (Big Bertha as we called her because of her size) she  would be at the gate wagging her tail, eyes eager waiting for her treat.  It was strange she wasn’t at the gate – i went to her bed and  I actually thought she had died – The vet came out immediately  and  found she had had massive stroke – The vet done everything she could and we waited all day  to see if Bertha would respond to treatment : sadly she didn’t she just got worse, even her eyesight had gone.  We had to have our Big Hunk of Love put to sleep.  She was very much loved and cared for – sadly we never did find her a forever home.

We would like to thank Ray Beige from Hethol Van de Leeuw – in Benidorm for ABANDONING  Twister – He brought Twister to Shieldaig Kennels on 9th April 2015 and said she was to stay for 10 days – HE NEVER RETURNED FOR HER –

Sadly Twister waited and waited for her owner to come and pick her up, to take her home,  but nobody came,  her family didn’t want her, she had been dumped like rubbish in the bin.

We denounced this man but nothing ever happened , we never heard anything after the denouncement,  does anybody care about a dog being dumped?????? Does anybody care about their feelings of being rejected??????  Maybe if you know this man you can tell him.

Bertha you know you were very much loved by us all – spoilt – lots of hugs, fuss,  treats and walks.  What more can a girl want.  Love you , miss you baby. Xxxxxxxx

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