NOW ADOPTED - FIFI 2kl  Stunning long hair  Tricolour Chihuahua.

NOW ADOPTED – FIFI 2kl Stunning long hair Tricolour Chihuahua.

adopted by a super family in finestrat

FIFI is a very Stunning Long Hair Tricolour Female Chihuahua :  She was born January 2011  – She very much wants to be chosen , standing on her back legs waving her two front paws at you saying  me me please choose me –  A gentle and sweet little girl she will make the perfect companion.  FiFi will follow you around where ever you go always wanting to be close to you, she also likes to be picked up and carried around  : she is bold and she is  beautiful : This breed would be better with older children .  FIFI was a top quality breeding dog , but now the breeder has no use for her : FiFi like the other two have Possibly always been use to living in a small cage.  She has never been in a real family but craves attention : The Chihuahua is the Smallest Breed of dog in the World, with a big personality : they also have one of the longest life spans.  Many living well over 20 years of age.  These tiny little dogs are sturdier than they look.  It has been said that a Chihuahua can actually die from a broken heart : Chihuahuas form very close attachments to their owners.  While they will get along easily enough with other family members, they will bond very closely to one particular person.  They are a loyal dog and very protective of their owners.  If you are interested in FiFi  please call and come and see her – 96 587 8284 –