GEMMA ROSE -I have found a nice new home

GEMMA ROSE -I have found a nice new home

Gemma-Rose was found in the early morning of August 20th 2013 walking along the N332.  She was almost run over by several cars just before the bridge that leads from Altea to Altea Hills.

when we stopped the car in the middle of the busy road and jumped out to get her, she immediately lay down and rolled over to show her belly.

When we took her in our car she licked our faces and was very gentle with our other dog. Gemma was welcolmed by the staff of Alfaz Del Pi Dogs shelter but when left in her new cage with 5 other small dogs she was miserable and petrified.

The other dogs were jumping on her and so she stayed put in a corner begging with her eyes and clutchin our arms with her paws as to beg not to leave her.  We had to leave her she was shivering in her corner and completely nailed to the floor.

That evening we called Shieldaig Kennels to see if they could take her in, as such a loving, bright and trusting dog deserves to be treated in the same way as she had treated us.

Shieldaig Kennels then passed her over to Doggie Angells who are now looking for a new home for her.