Doggie Angells is a small charity and has limits to it’s capability. This is why we need your help if you think you can foster a dog  or look after one until we can re-home please contact us… Or if you want to donate to help these poor helpless creatures than get in touch with us. You can donate in all sorts of ways. Unless you have known the joy and seeing a dog with its new owner and the little smile that comes across their face you have missed one of the great pleasures of life. 

We always tried to help find new homes for dogs – as many of them were just abandoned – some people even done the most despicable thing of leaving animals locked up in apartments when they fled. Sometimes we found new homes in the U.K or Holland but the cost for transport came on top of all the cost of every thing else.

Our main goal was that the abandoned dog in Spain got re-homed to a forever new home, whatever that may be and whatever the price. This became a regular problem and we ended up with a large amount of costs that we had to spend on the dog to upgrade his chance to be rehomed.

  • Vaccinationsotto

  • Veterinary costs

  • Food & fostering

  • Protection against flee – tick worm & lishmania

  • Blood tests for Lishmania & Ehrlichia

  • Travel Costs

  • Castration and sterilization

Trying to find new homes for the rescue dogs is a heartwarming job and we started to find new homes for the neglected / abandoned dogs on the street also trying to re-home the occasional dog from the dogshome. This Hobby started to grow out of proportion and when one of our rescue Podenco´s broke her leg and needed surgery costing up to 1500 euros in total we decided to apply for an Official Status as a Charity.

We realized that we could not afford to continue anymore as unexpected high cost could force us from not helping any other dogs in need anymore – This is how we started bringing Doggie Angells into the picture and we became a registered Charity Doggie Angells our Charity number is CV-01-049179-A

gracieWith this Charity we hope to reach everyone who carries a warm heart for dogs to help us. 

We need to capture the attention of the public – this is not only a Spanish problem but also comes from foreign Citizens of Spain – this is something to think about before getting a pet whilst living in Spain.