Our Super Cool LAIKA has been adopted

Our Super Cool LAIKA has been adopted

Our Super Cool Laika has been adopted!!! A great family: Mum, Dad and Doggie Dina.  The two girls get along great together. They have their very own bedroom  – be a good girl like you always are. :)

LAIKA – PASTOR ALEMÁN – born 30.11.13

Sadly due to her family’s circumstances she has to find a new home.  She is a peaceful girl, self-confident and loves to be with people.

A German Shepherd Dog is known to be strong, courageous and obedient.  Valued for their Intelligence, loyalty and focus.  Laika would be well suited to somebody interested in obedience training and agility, as they are eager to please their owners.  German Shepherds can be trained to do almost any task set before them. They are smart, bold, alert and single-minded, eager to please their owners.

German Shepherds  make outstanding loving family companions.  Once they befriend you, their devotion is life-long a faithful companion.  They are protective by nature.

Laika is a large dog and can be energetic.  She doesn’t require an enormous amount of daily exercise, but she certainly is not the ideal breed for apartment dwellers or people working long hours.

Shepherds tend to bond well with children and enjoy participating in family activities like hiking, swimming, running and regular walks.  They can thrive with regular games of fetch with a ball or Frisbee.

Laika has a full pet-passport, microchip and is sterilized.  Please come along and see this divine lady.

96 587 8284  –  info@doggieangells.org

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