Pool Care




We are very concerned and feel it is necessary to make you aware of the dangers of leaving a dog alone near to a pool.

Sadly one of our beautiful rescue dogs was left in a strange environment with a pool just days after being “adopted” and HE DIED,  HE DROWNED alone in a new home.  Bewildered in unfamiliar surroundings. Your dog may NEVER  fall into a pool by himself and every physical contingency should be considered that would prevent it from happening.

99% of dogs are excellent swimmers. Why do hundreds of dogs tragically lose their lives by drowning each year?

Falling in pools and becoming exhausted trying to get out is almost always the cause of dog drowning’s.

Owners should never assume that the dog would stay clear of the water.  An over-excited dog can simply just fall in.

One of the ways to avoid drowning incidents is to fill the pool to the brim so that the dog can easily climb over the edge of the pool.  Another precautionary measure is to teach the dog where the steps are.  Pet owners can train the dog with a long lead, teaching the dog where the steps are located.

Dogs are highly intelligent animals and for sure they will learn. However it is our advice that a dog should never be left alone near a pool or in a place where he may escape and have access to a pool.

Maybe using a plastic garden chair upside-down can be wedged into ladder steps, and something that floats can be put into your pool which could be used as a platform.


Accidents DO HAPPEN  but extra caution must be taken whilst your rescue dog is settling down into its new environment.