PRINCE so sadly died just such a young boy. rip Feburary 2014

PRINCE so sadly died just such a young boy. rip Feburary 2014

My name is Prince I am a English Setter and a handsome boy.  Just 2 years old.  I have been waiting a long time for a home,  I would like somebody who likes walking, I love going on lots of walks this makes me so happy, during the night I like to dream  where I will be taken for a walk next, maybe the mountains, maybe the beach or maybe just around the streets.    I have 2 friends who like to take me out walking, they are so kind to me.    I also like to play, or just sit by your side for a tickle.

I live with a group of other dogs which is ok , but i wouldn´t mind living on my own with you as i like lots of attention and being fussed.   Scratching me behind my ear sends me to sleep.   I think im quite a charmer and i am pretty smart, you would like me lots.

When i was found i had been in the Mountains alone for months,  i was so please when these nice people found me and took me home with them.   I wasn´t so good looking then as a lot of my fur had fallen out,  I didn´t find much food it was difficult in the mountains.    I was very thin and had Lishmania, Im ok now in fact im very very healthy – I had my treatment and now i just take a couple of tablets a day, which dont cost very much money to buy.

Iv got a Pet Passport and had all my vacinations –  Please give me a call or better still come and see me.


Sadly Prince became ill Christmas 2013 – It was difficult to find our what was wrong with him, in the end the Vet had to operate when she found a tumor in his spline.  Poor prince you so much wanted a home – a lovely boy too young to die.