TABATHA, a spectacular Doberman-adopted

TABATHA, a spectacular Doberman-adopted


TABATHA : born April 2014

She is a spectacular Doberman.  Shy, reserved, steadfast and loyal makes her a true friend to people she loves. A gentle and loving nature who wants nothing but the security of a loving family home.

They are excellent guard dogs but their method of protection is to keep intruders at bay.  Most Doberman Pinschers are big softies at heart who love the companionship of people, this is our Tabatha.

Doberman Pinschers are large dogs with high energy levels and require a lot of exercise to avoid destructive behaviour.  They are intelligent dogs.  They enjoy outdoor activity and will be happy to accompany people on walks, runs, hikes or bike rides.

They were bred to work alongside people.  Acting as Police dogs, military sentries or medical dogs as part of search and rescue teams.  This desire to work still remains, and they are at their best when learning new tasks.

Agility competitions are excellent outlets for Pinschers to exercise and use their thinking abilities at the same time. This breed was not designed to be a lazy couch-dweller.

Doberman Pinschers should be trained with consistency, strong leadership and a firm, but gentle manner.  They will shut down if treated harshly.

It is important when raising a Doberman Pinscher that you have the time for them.  They should never be tied up alone, outside.  People who work long hours should not adopt a Doberman. We are looking for an active family with time to spend of her, maybe somebody semi retired with an outside hobby who understands this breed.

Tabatha is a perfect family dog with maybe one other dog she can call her friend and play. She is loving and loyal and the perfect companion. Whilst Tabatha is very social with other dogs we feel she needs the loving and caring attention from her adoptee. We think she would be better without cats.

She is fully vaccinated, microchip and is negative of lishmania. Call us for a visit 96 587 8284 or

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