The Man Behind The Mask

The Author of  ´The Man Behind The Mask´  and his lovely wife Leah adopted one of Doggie Angells precious dogs Jenny – Jenny was a seriously abused girl and needed lots of love and kindness shown to her.   Now Thanks to this amazing family Jenny is very happy and Content in her forever home with brothers Muppet, Reggie and Bertie –   As a way of saying Thank You for having such a wonderful asset to their family – They will be donating a percentage per book sold –  back to Doggie Angells charity to continue helping other dogs in need.  We would like to thank them – Any-body wishing to purchase a copy of ´The Man Behind The Mask´ you will also be helping  rescue dogs in need.



A gripping, stunning tale of two brothers who create a destiny, can they change and save the course of history and time?

From the dawn of time they came, moving quietly down through the centuries, struggling to reach the time of that destiny when those who remain will win battles to the last. Nobody ever knew they were among them, and that will always be the way. Until the day they as a destiny decide to show themselves.  The legend begins in medieval England and spans through to present day. Two soldiers of the Kings guard, dispatched to France on the guidance of a masked man visiting them in the night. The story is timeless as they struggle to contain and bring to an end the 100 year war and defeat the French revolution.

Full of action packed battles, love, mystery and intrigue, will the destiny of Selrahc and Naitsabes succeed as it moves through time and continents. Can they prevail through troubles in Africa and Imperial Europe?

Will their descendants prevail through their own battles in Nazi Germany and Vietnam, in their own loves, will they bring honour or shame to the destiny? Will the enemies of freedom be defeated? Will the man behind the mask reveal his true identity, watch over what they create and guide their descendants through the trials and tribulations they endure? Will they ALL prevail? Do they change history forever?