What brought us together

Thelma & Louise

Sue and Denise, we have doggie backgrounds.


This is an untold mystery story of Thelma & Louise.  Two Lost Souls, nobody to love them, nobody to help them, nowhere to go !

thelmaLast year there were concerns about 2 neglected dogs and we named them ´thelma & Louise´ sadly nobody would or could  help them out of this terrible situation they were in and it seemed an impossible task.

The owners of the dogs were abusing them in the most despicable way. Some people were trying their best to help by feeding themon a daily basis but nothing ever got done to help these two poor souls to get out of the situation.

As if by magic a twist of fate brought all of us together, Thelma & Louise and us three. Three determing people that were not going to leave these dogs in such disgusting conditions. Two beautiful dogs with no hope of ever  being in a loving forever home. It took them months of recovery and then when they were well enough we started to find families. This was not going to be easy, another major hurdle.

At the moment they both have the most amazing forever homes you could wish for, whilst they had to be separated going to different families they see each other on a daily basis. Can you believe this story ?

We would like to thank all the people that were involved with this massive task getting Thelma & Louise back on their paws, helping with the recovery and Caring for them. This is how Doggie Angells Began and that is why we decided on a Charity Doggie Angells


I’m a Doggie Angell………….We care for dogs.

Be a Doggie Angell……………Can you help us?


Please help us to help them and adopt a rescue dog!

TILLY, rehomed.