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Doggie Angells are a small dog rescue REGISTERED CHARITY:- CV-01-049179-A NIF: G54621883
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Doggie Angells is a non-profit making organization. We are a group of dog lovers. Our mission is to rescue abandoned dogs and strays; dogs that have been cruelly treated and injured and neglected Dogs.

We Aim to: vaccinate, spay and neuter the dogs and to provide necessary veterinary treatment. We then board or foster the dogs until we find loving and ‘forever’ homes.

Our foster families provide a safe haven for many of the traumatized dogs; giving comfort and re-assurance in a homely environment.

Doggie Angells strongly believes that all animals deserve respect and should be treated with love and dignity in all circumstances.

Our ultimate goal is to have people share this philosophy.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its Animals are Treated

Mahatma Gandhi

We rehome dogs in need and help the people choose a forever friend and to provide the very best match for you and our rescue dogs


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Stewie was adopted and is living a great new life with his new owners










Monty  is adopted and has now a lovely new home, Monty has filled a gap in the life of his new owners when their beloved older boxer died, along came Monty, they love him very much.









 is still up for adoption, poor little Dolly she had a bad start to her young life then two dogs savagely attacked her at the foster kennels where she was staying, she is now fully recovered and is looking for someone to care for her.