Doggie Angells

Welcome to the Doggie Angells website.

We are a Spanish Registered Charity in the Benidorm area.


We are devastated about the amount of abandoned dogs, thrown out onto the streets, not wanted any more, left to care for their selves, left to find food and shelter, dogs left in agony and in appalling states trying to survive and trying to find some-body kind enough to help them.

And then the unforgivable people that have been abusing and mistreating their dogs or people going back to the U.K unable to afford to take their dog with them, all beautiful Spanish dogs that used to be someone´s so loved dog.

Doggie Angells depend entirely on donations and fund raising to survive and continue to help and care for as many dogs as we can.

We aim te become a well known charity were people can go to when they are thinking of adopting a rescue dog in need.

We would like to think our data-base is designed to help people choose a forever friend and to provide the very best match for you and our rescue dogs.

Can you help us? Could you become a doggie Angell?

Please help us to help them and adopt a rescue dog